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While wicked problems are, by definition, contested and contentious when it comes to their formulation and resolution, there’s a pretty solid consensus around wicked problem-solving methodologies. Broadly, the idea is that collaborative working practices, involving a wide variety of stakeholders with different perspectives on the problem are likely to be the most effective route in to tackling wicked problems.

Wicked problems are characterised a great deal of complexity and disagreement among stakeholders, and require coordinated action from a broad range of policy makers and practioners. Given this, so the argument runs, leaving the resolution of wicked problems to a small group of experts runs the risk of leaving important aspects of a wicked problem unarticulated and unaddressed. Each individual or group will only have a part of the story, so involving more people will allow you to see the big picture, in all its wickedly daunting form.

Ja, wat kunnen wij van antwoordvooroverheden hier nog aan toevoegen: zoek-je-rijk.

En ja echt de moeite waard om Nancy Roberts video te bekijken hoe zij kijkt naar het oplossen van taaie vraagstukken in de huidige samenleving (inclusief goed voorbeelden) en de rol van technologie hierbij.